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This page was last updated: August 11, 2008
Corporate & Medical Venues
June 2008
April 2001
May 2002
June 2007
October 1999
SEI Corporation, Oaks PA: "Relaxation Techniques" & "Decrease Pain in the Workplace: Proper Ergonomics at the Computer"
SEI Corporation, Oaks PA: "Relaxation Techniques"
Siemen's Medical Systems, Malvern, PA: "Avoid Workplace Pain: Specific Exercises for the Office Worker "
U Penn, Presbyterian Hospital Phila, PA: "Massage - How It Can Improve Your Quality of Life"
University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT: "Massage - It Feels Good and It's Good For You"
Sports Specific Presentations
October 2007
February 2005
October 01, 03
July 04, 05, 06
August 99, 00
August 1999
Runaway Success, Paoli, PA: "Cross-training for Injury Prevention"
A Running Start, W Reading, PA: "Stretching to prevent injury"
The Running Place, Newtown Square, PA: "Active Isolated Stretching, An Interactive Workshop"
Philly Fit, Phila, PA: "Injury Prevention, Massage for Runners"
Women's Wellness Weekend, North Hero, VT:
"Injury Prevention through Sports and Self Massage"
Twin Oaks Sports and Fitness, South Burlington, VT: "Massage Therapy Feels So Good - Tell Me More"
Presentations and Workshops
Practice Wellness

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